On Being A Hermit

On Being A Hermit

tiny house

Hermit – a person living in solitude

There are times when I wish I could be an hermit and live in a cave on the hill or a hut in the woods. A bit like Snow White without the little men or the evil witch, just the trees, the animals, the flowers and the birds and silence. Living around people is so hard and I am not very good at it, so it seems. The ones you think you can rely on lie to you and then when they get called on the lie, they lie some more. They say they don’t know if they can trust you, but they still want to be your friend…what? Isn’t friendship built on trust? Just stop laying your crap at my feet, if you don’t want me to know it or to help you with it then keep it to yourself! I have enough of my own anyway!

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