Habits & Mindfulness

Habits & Mindfulness

betterthan before journalIn January I set about establishing 2 physical habits, whilst working on 1 mindfulness habit and 1 spiritual habit as well.

Habit #1 10 hour food rule.

Put simply this habit consisted of eating only within 10 hour period during the day; e.g. if I eat breakfast at 8am then I wouldn’t eat after 6pm. The reason for this habit was to stop me eating my way through just about anything in small portions at a time; one cookie, two cookie, three cookie more, for instance, but it could also include chocolate our cereal or snacks and crisps (chips).

On the whole I have been very good, although I don’t think I’be quite mastered it yet. One reason for not mastering it is that when you live alone there is no one watching what you eat and two I often end up not hungry enough to eat dinner by the cut of point, some days. To help with the second one, I have started to eat my main meal at lunch time and lighter meal in the evening. This will be added to my habits list for February.

Habit #2 Switch of digital stuff buy 8pm and be on my way to sleep land by 10.30pm.

Sleep is such a vital commodity when your mind doesn’t always go in deep sleep and if and when it does, it doesn’t stay there long. This often leaves me waking up feeling like I haven’t been to sleep at all, causing wide spread fatigue throughout my body and headaches and fibromyalgia-fog.

I haven’t managed it every night, but often when I haven’t managed it, it has been because I have slept during the day -often I don’t know I have been to sleep until I actually wake up, so it is not always a conscious decision to nap. Then there are the days that I am barely able to get out of bed, they are far less than they use to be, but they tend to occur in groups of twos and threes. It is still a work in progress and will continue to be habit #2.

One good thing that has come from this habit is several days without pain, which two years I wouldn’t have thought possibly and anyone suggesting such a thing would have been laughed at.

January Mindfulness Practice – Don’t Offer Advice Until It Is Asked For.

I am very good at talking and very bad at listening or listening properly before jumping in with my big mouth wide open to offer advice. The suggesting came from a free e-book by Courtney Carver titled ‘Mini Missions For Simplicity.’ This particular mini mission was provided by Britt Reints, http://www.inpursuitofhappiness.net.

I did okay with it! Kinda!

I blew it to pieces completely only once and I had to apologize, but then things were sorted.

However, a friend’s ex-wife mothein-in-law died suddenly and not having been married for several years he didn’t know what to do about attending the funeral and was trying to talk himself out of it. I listened for a while and then asked if he was asking for my opinion or did he just need to talk, he replied that he was seeking my opinion. As he has two daughters who are in their 20’s and had suddenly lost their grandma I told him I thought he should go for them. Afterwards he said it had been good advice and he was glad he had gone.

As for my children, I am taking the advice of my mother ‘ keeping my nose out and my mouth shut’ knowing my children will come to me if they need me.

Spiritual habit #1 Ponderize one verse of scripture a week.

Theses are the verses I chose

Philippians 4:8 Admonition of Paul

Hebrews 11:1 Faith

Matthew 22:28 Burdens

Matthew 6:1 Alms

Isaiah 55:8 Our thoughts are not the Lord’s thoughts

It is interesting to note that all these scriptures were mentioned in church at the end of the corresponding weeks after I had Ponderized each verse.

Ponderize =80 percent pondering and 20 percent memorizing.

And I’ve also joined with Lisa at http://www.counterpart.com/category/scripture-memory/matthew-6 to memorize Matthew 6. Not sure if I will be able to memorize it but I can at least Ponderize it.

This week it’s verses 5-6

Are you working on New Habits? How as your month gone? Don’t give up, a habit is life changing and takes time and conscious effort.


6 thoughts on “Habits & Mindfulness

  1. “Ponderizing” Matthew 6 sounds like a lovely thing to do too! I’m glad you had several days without pain. I bet you’d forgotten how good that can feel. That’s how I feel whenever I actually sleep through the night (a rarity)—this is what normal people get to do every night? 🙂

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