Feeling Small

Feeling Small

one womanI am reading a book called ‘Simple Tuesday: Small Moment Living In Fast Moving World ‘ by Emily Freeman. After Part 1 she leaves us with a few questions for us to ponder and answer if we feel so inclined, but I was stopped by the first question, which was –

  • What kinds of things, people or circumstances have made you feel small?

And my first reaction was to say oit loud to the space around me – EVERYTHING!

Yes, everything makes me feel small. Everything makes me feel tiny like a mustard seed or even a grain of sand or even invisible.

I presented my husband with small beautiful children and all he did was belittle me and made me feel small enough to vanish altogether.

When I was at school the teachers would give me the new children too hang around with, but it wasn’t long before they made me feel small too and again I vanished.

I once had a job, which was hard work, but I enjoyed it, but then I got sick, then disabled and then small, very small, until again I vanished.

Yes, I have friend, but far to often it feels like I am the last person they want to spend their time with. My disability makes everything difficult, I know, but I should be made to feel so small.

Yet, God did not make me to feel small, but yet I do! He made me just a little lower than the angels, crowned me with glory and called me daughter.

But, how do I become the daughter he wants me to be when the world makes me feel so small, I vanish?

  • Have you ever felt so small that you felt like you were invisible?

10 thoughts on “Feeling Small

  1. Beverley, thank you for your transparency. There have been many times I have felt small. Invisible. Luke 12:7 reveals the promise of every hair on our head numbered by Him. We are move valuable than the sparrows. Diamonds mean nothing to me, but to be more valued than a work of God, a bird. The sparrow soars high above the ground and still I mean more to God. I pray that you reach in and know that you are are loved beyond comprehension. Now, it’s our turn to love ourselves just so. You feel like a mustard seed and that’s all it takes, sweet friend. Faith like a mustard seed. ❤ Have a blessed and uplifted week. You will be in my prayers. Hugs.

  2. Yes I’ve been made to feel small many a time. Even surrounding ourselves with others who don’t belittle us is often quite hard too 😦

    You just have to know that you are loved x

  3. I’ve felt small around certain people and in certain situations too. But thankfully even though we may feel small, we are not small in God’s eyes. I love how you point out that, “He made me just a little lower than the angels, crowned me with glory and called me daughter.” I can hardly grasp it.

    Your words are certainly not small here in this space, Beverley. They stretch all across the ocean and reach into my heart. That’s big!

  4. Try not to allow yourself to feel small. Remember you are here for a big purpose whether you see it or not. Your thoughts through your words reach many people and help them in ways you might never realize…there isn’t anything small about that!

  5. There have been times I felt invisible, yes. and times I wanted to be invisible. I learned, even tho I do forget sometimes, that my purpose here is great beyond my imagining and that the One who made me loves me immeasurably and takes great joy in my presence. And, yeah, none of that helps when YOU are feeling small. I pray people come into your life who will continually remind you of how truly lovely you are.

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