cherishCherish: to hold dear, highly value, prize, love and care for.

I always thought I wanted someone to cherish me, to hold me dear and to hold me up as a prize, but recently I have come to understand that if i want someone to cherish me, then I must first cherish them.

Far too often I want someone else to come along and mend the broken pieces of my life without me giving anything back in return. Now, I have come to understand that I cannot expect someone to give me everything they are if I am not willing to give everything in return.

God is asking me to change. To change for something big that is to come, for life is a series of change. But, I have button. Bad buttons labelled ‘Abandonment,’ ‘Not good enough,’ ‘Unlovable’ and one that has a really name, which goes like this ‘I will do all that I can to push you away, but really, you going away would be the worse thing that can happen right now, but I can’t help it, because if I push you away before you leave then I am still in control.’

But…I am not in control. I want to be cherished, but more than that I want to change so that I can cherish another with everything that I am, without fear, but with faith.

  • What change are you being asked to make that makes you feel fear and how can you change the fear into faith?

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