I finally finished this sweater for my granddaughter, Amelia. Knitted in 4ply wool, it took some time to get the end, but I am glad I kept going as I really like the results.

The Patchwork is now as 40 pieces


And I have also come up with a system of keeping the next lot of pieces in order and that is simple temporarily sewing them through the middle in the order i want, the next one being on top.



10 thoughts on “Stitchery

  1. Good idea on the patchwork order 🙂

    All my wool is in Pepsi bottles with the top half cut off. Perfect size for 100g ball of wool 🙂

    I love the cardigan xx

  2. The sweater is beautiful. As a child, I sit for hours watching my grandmother and her friends quilting. They quilted for a utilitarian — keeping warm. It took years for me to see the artistry in quilt making. I am very impressed.

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