Every Morning

Every Morning

forgivenessEvery morning I wake up wondering what the day will bring. Sometimes it’s been a good night and I’ve slept well and at other times it hasn’t and I’ve tossed and turned all night, wishing, begging for sleep that doesn’t seem to want too come. But when I wake my mind is full of all my broken pieces. All the things I did that I shouldn’t of done and all the things I should have done but didn’t. There are days when I wish I could turn back the clock and make everything right, take back the harsh words and hold onto someone just a little longer, but there is no turning back there is only marching forward. We all have broken pieces that need mending and I believe that there is a way to make peace with them and allow them to find their place within our lives, maybe even a way to mend them.

The world cares not about broken pieces no does it cares that society is broken. There is no longer the net of love and belonging that was once there to catch the broken, somehow or other it as dissolved, not unlike gelatin in water – it appears to be solid but its not and then it’s gone. People are an interesting phenomenon, all races, all religions, all colours, all genders, hurt and break just the same. We need to find inner solace, solace for the soul, peace if you like, but that peace only comes when we allow our inner brokenness to join with God.

It is difficult to know where all the broken pieces come from. Sometimes we can see the jaggedness of the pieces long before we feel the impact of them but at others it is the sharp pain that is our only clue to their presence. We are our own worse enemies at times, we do it to ourselves. In fact we are very good at self sabotage or indeed breaking the bits of things that are good in our lives because we feel unworthy of someone else’s attention and care. But, we need to stop it but it is not as easy as the word stop, many of these broken pieces have been with us since our very beginning.


4 thoughts on “Every Morning

  1. A wonderful piece of writing Beverley, I think so long as we know we are willing to put back the broken pieces of our lives. And attempt to mend the broken parts available to mend with others. The broken bits are often I feel put there for us to fix.. To see what choices we choose to heal them..
    And yes you are right many of the broken pieces we have carried with us from the very beginning..
    Beautiful post. and I hope you get a better nights sleep my friend..
    Hugs Sue xxx

  2. There are times when the world seems a gentler, kinder place than I ever imagined. Other times when it seems no one cares or ever has. The difference is me in both cases. So I am teaching myself to breathe, to be less judging of myself , of others, of the world and to breathe.

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