Book Pile~March

Book Pile~March

Or maybe I should say, the good, the bad and the ugly! Some good books this last month and some that got put down as none starters, but here is the list.


Simply Tuesday: Small Moment Living in a Fast Moving World: Emily Freeman. Emily writes about herself, her life and her relationship with God. Beautifully written, each chapter consists of an overview, followed by some thought or written questions. At the end of the book she has added extra questions for those who want to take their thoughts further. (5:5) -(Kindle)

In A Free State: V S Naipaul. Man Booker prize winner 1970, but it was a none starter for me and I barely got past a third of the book before I gave up on it. (1:5)

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Marie Kondo. I went from thinking that the author had lost her marbles and gone a bit crazy in the head, to realizing that she had found a secret that everyone should know. That secret being ‘tidying up’. If everything as a place to live in your home and is returned there after use, you only need to tidy up once. She recently released a new book, The Spark of Joy; however it is more or less the same book, but if you want a more hands on book, with little diagrams this one may be the better one for you, however, either/or will teach most of us ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.'(5:5)

The Problem of Pain: C S Lewis. C S Lewis is probably more well known for his ‘Narnia’ book, however after he found God, he wrote a number of books on what he learnt. He writes in a way that makes then readable and enjoyable and if you read with a open heart they will teach you something too. Change the word ‘Pain’ for the word ‘Suffering’ and Lewis is writing about how we cause much of our own suffering by not accepting life as it really is. (5:5) (Kindle)

The Moonlit Garden: Carina Bomann. A very beautifully written, well worth reading novel. (Full review to follow) (New release, Kindle)

How I Changed My Life in A Year: Shelley Wilson. A book from a blog that actually, funny, light heart, but full of ‘stuff’ and links to useful sites. (Kindle ~ full review to follow.) (5:5)

The Finkler Question: Howard Jacobson. Man Booker prize winner, 2010. Not sure why this won the prize. I listened to about half on audio and have no wish to keep listening. (1:5)

Where Memories Go: Sally Magnusson. This was the book group read for February/March. Sally Magnusson writes about her mother’s life, Mamie, after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It beautifully written with emotion.  (Full review to follow.)


lilaLila:Marilyn Robinson (Gilead #3)




To Read

The Siege of Krishnapur: J G Farrell. Man Booker prize winner 1973.

Decline and Fall: Evelyn Waugh.

The Book of Speculation: Erika Swyler

…and many more…

  • Have you read a good book this month?
  • What are you reading at the moment?
  • Do you always finish a book once started?



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