Book Review ~ The Moonlit Garden

Book Review ~ The Moonlit Garden

moonlitThe Moonlit Garden by Carina Bomann, Alison Layland. Published February 2016

If you enjoy a good gentle read that will keep you reading, this is book for you. I picked up my free copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review, which in this is a very good deal.

Set in Berlin, Lilly Kaiser is adapting to being alone after her husband dies some three years previously. Lilly Kaiser owns an antique shop and is use to people coming in with items that they wish to sell to her, but she is surprised when an old man appears with a battered violin case, which contains a beautiful violin decorated with a rose on the back, but he does not want to sell the violin, but says it is hers. Whilst she pondering on who would have left her a violin, something she doesn’t play, the old man disappears, leaving Lilly with a mystery to solve. Who did the violin belong to and how did it end up in her hands?

Liliy’s journey takes her first to London, to the house of her friend, Ellen and then on to Italy, then Sumatran, then back London. She meets the handsome musicologist, Gabriel Thornton in London, who stirs her heart in ways she never thought would ever happen to her again. Together the three of them, helped along by a few others, piece together the history of the violin, starting with the famous violinist, Rose, who was from Sumatran, but played the violin all over the world. As they unravel Rose’s life, they also unravel her secrets and Lilly finds the answer she is looking for.

This book was translated from German. Now I don’t speak any other language than English, but from other reviews, which seem to say the same thing, that the translation is not as good as it could be, and thinking about it, i must admit that i needed to go back a few times and re-read some of the sentences, but for me they didn’t take away the flow and the feel of overall novel. I loved it. I read it quickly and yet I was in no rush to finish it. I only wish I had a Gabriel-like person appear in my life to mend my broken heart.



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