Book Review – Where Memories Go

Book Review – Where Memories Go

where memories go

Where Memories Go by Sally Magnusson. Published in 2014 by Two Roads.

This book was interesting to me in a number of ways. I had been speaking to a friend about Alzheimer Disease as there are days when I’m convinced that I have it. I haven’t! Well, I don’t think I have…leave that for another day. They suggested that I watch a film called Still Alie. I watched the film, which is beautiful and heart wrenching and definitely worth watching.

Then I went to the book group and was handed this book, and thought to myself…a conversation, then a film, then a book? Then a fellow blogger had received a negative review about a book she had written about father who also had the disease and I can’t think of any more soul destroying way to lose a love one as the progression of the disease can take years. Mere coincidences? I don’t know. But I do know I need this information for some reason.

In the book ‘Where Memories Go,’ the author is writing about her mother, Mamie Magnusson, who was the wife of the television presenter, among other things of Magnus Magnusson. However, Mamie was a writer, a journalist and a speaker in her own right. It is interesting to note that by the end of her life Mamie had lost the ability to control her body, but kept her love of words and sense of humour and her love of singing too. Her children would often sing to her when times were tough and Mamie would sing too, this would lift the mood and relieve the tension.

Sally Magnusson writes beautifully, kind, gentle and heart felt words to describe her mother as she progresses through the disease. She writes about her mother’s ability to first completely understand her disease to the bitter end when although she knew there was something wrong, she has no idea what. I think the saddest part of the book has to be when her beloved Magnus dies from cancer and although Mamie realizes something is missing she cannot remember what or why. Sally’s ability to write from the heart about something devastating makes this book one to be read.

Although Sally writes about her mother, she also combines these sacred memories with information about current research and medication being tested. She explains this information in ways that are easy to understand and yet informative. I found this information useful, as I like many others in the world have at least one person within our sphere, mine being my mother-in-law who has some kind of dementia. I do not physically care for my mother-in-law and although I have not seen her for a number of years, I am always mindful of her.

Do I have a form of dementia? At this time probably not, but just in case it creeps up on me unknown I’ve asked a friend to keep an eye on me…just in case.

This is a book to be read, slowly following the pathway of a disease that cannot be stopped, prevented, neither do they know why it happens. Did you know there are different types of dementia?


Note: I am computer-less again as it has gone back to the computer doctors yet again, three times this year, however if they cannot mend it this time they will be sending me a new one. Thank goodness for friends who pay for other people’s insurance. I’m writing on my tiny kindle screen, so please excuse all mistakes.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – Where Memories Go

  1. I have not had the courage to read a book about Alzheimers yet. I have, however, promised my children to write down their father’s memories. I suppose that takes its own kind of courage.

    1. Yes, I think it does, maybe you could start with the good times first. And you could watch Still Alice as I did, but you will find your own way in when you’re ready.

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