How To Teach Your Kitten To Meditate

How To Teach Your Kitten To Meditate

12899737_10154625011483906_221516917_nLiving with a ten week old kitten is like living with a small child; they do what they want, when they want to do it and turn the house upside-down while doing it! However, Kitty, if you want to remain living in my house you need to learn to meditate or endure being shut out of the room while I meditate…In…PEACE!!!

So this is how our first meditation session together went-

  • turn on soothing music
  • sit crossed legged on the bed
  • gently pick up small kitty and stroke until happy and purring
  • place kitty on crossed legs and continue to smooth (still happy)
  • slowly remove hands and lay them in a comfortable position
  • close eyes
  • begin to follow your breathing, slowly in and out

…meanwhile kitty as other plans…

  • lick and when you get no response from person bite gently and then harder all fingers, thumbs and hands…no response
  • climb up human being’s front until you reach their shoulder and purr loudly in their ear, chew their hair and lick their face…still no response
  • walk carefully around to the back of their neck, attack their hair bobble, chew their hair and because it doesn’t taste very nice, give it a wash too…
  • finally climb onto their head, continue washing and chewing as you go
  • (if still no response) lick their forehead as this will provoke an immediate response of giggles and cuddles, which is what was needed all along

…I think we might need a few more lessons…but we are having fun trying…




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