The Purpose of Life is Happiness

The Purpose of Life is Happiness

IMG_2335In a world where everyone seems to be looking for happiness, God purpose for us is to happy, however we seem to far too often miss the point of God’s purpose for us.

Elder Neal A Maxwell, ‘A superficial view of life…will not do. If we have a surface-level understanding, we may ‘mistakenly speak of this moral experience only as coming here to get a body, as if we were merely picking up a suit at the cleaners…(or) ‘casually recite how we have come here to be proved, as if a few brisk push-ups or deep knee bends would do.’(Willing to Submit. Neal A Maxwell. Ensign. 1985)

The average age of death for a woman, these days, is 84 years. That means I have 32 years to the happiness that God intended for me and for everyone else too. So what is this happiness? It cannot be physical things for they are only here for they are temporary and we cannot take them with us after we death. So, all those latest gadgets we rush out and buy because we think we need them, we like the Egyptians of the past, will have to leave them behind. This means that all temporal things are out.

We need to become more mindful of why we are here, which is to become like God. How do we become like God? We must pursue the path here is mortality that will bring us closer to this end, being like God! And if God’s plan is a pathway to happiness we must do better than best to come to know Him, keep his commandments and serve others through the love that He has shown us.

Shortly after I qualified as a nurse I was working a night shift. During that night shift I sat several hours with a patient who was dying and knew she was. Her only request of me was that she would see the morning light before she left. After repeating the same request several times, I finally gathered enough courage to ask her why, her reply surprised me then and has stayed me all these years. She said, ‘night brings darkness, morning brings light and light brings joy.’ She did see the morning light and I learnt later that she had quietly departed this shortly after breakfast. She had found her moment of happiness.

  • Have you experienced a moment of happiness?


4 thoughts on “The Purpose of Life is Happiness

  1. A moment of happiness I saw was when a butterfly was flying around the busy polluted streets of Bradford. I thought it was so magical that such a small beautiful fragile being could exist in such a crazy, dirty world. I may have been the only one that noticed it, or maybe not, but for that short period of time that butterfly had a purpose and it was to make me smile

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