Living in a crazy house

Living in a crazy house

georgeI feel like I am living in a crazy house! I have a young kitten who has the potential to have ADHD ~attention deficient hyperactivity disorder or maybe he is just bi-polar. One minute he is calmly sleep and the next he is up running round like a crazy animal or one minute we are having a lovely cuddle and the next minute he is trying to chew my fingers off and those teeth are getting sharp! That is George!

Then there is Peppa, who has paranoia and agoraphobia as so far she has hidden under my sofa, where I have had to put her food and water, but luckily she is coming out to use the cat tray when she thinks I am not looking. Peppa is 9 years old and I have taken over her care from one of my nieces who is having to move house and couldn’t (sadly – very sadly) couldn’t take her with her. I am hoping in time that she will come out a little more, but google says, feed her and leave her to it. I have had a couple of sniffs and a half stroke from her, but time will time, maybe she will always live under my sofa?

Then there is me! My anxiety and panic are at an all time high and I am trying my best to try and not let them swallow me, but as anyone who suffers in this way knows, they are beyond my control. The reason; a very good friend of mine employers are moving his job further away, which will make is almost impossible for us to meet as much as we do right now. It is not that we won’t be in touch and we it’s not as if we won’t meet up at all, we will, just not as often. He has been my strength through all the changes over the last seven and a half years and right now I am in panic mode. Panic mode is causing increase in the recurrences of migraines and fibromyalgia/fatigue flares. I am sure that once he has moved and things have moved into their new routines things will settle down within my subconscious as well, time will tell.

So, I really am, living in a crazy house!


3 thoughts on “Living in a crazy house

  1. Deep breaths.. and my thoughts are with you Beverley.. Young kittens are often very lively.. But with Peppa being as she is, will not help.. But it is bound to upsetting for Peppa in new surroundings too.. Hang on in there. ❤

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