Life as to change

Life as to change

guest houseAfter suffering through six migraines in the last six weeks, each one increasing in severity, I have decided that something as to change!

Before I moved to this area, that was supposed to be my island of paradise, I had a plan. But since I have been here, the plan keeps hitting bumps in road and falling into potholes and dissolving into fairy dust. However, it is time to go backwards to be able to come forwards again. It is time to look at my original plan and see, which bits might still work and which will not and need to be updated.

I have lost focus on the goal, the goal to save me, to be me – to find me? I wish i could go back to the start of my life, but i cannot, but I have this day to find my lost island of paradise.



6 thoughts on “Life as to change

    1. After stopping blubbing (crying), I have spent the day thinking about your request. One of my goals was to have lots of quiet time, but I ended up filling the quiet spaces with noise, so that is where i am beginning. Lots of quietness, meditation and some walking when my body will allow. I am also changing my diet to include lots of quiet foods, don’t really know how else to describe that bit right now. However, maybe you could add me to a little of your quiet time, if that is okay? I am trying to find me in the noise, I seem to have got lost and my body is beginning to comply. I thank you from my heart for this request. I hope that all your friends are now safe.

      1. I am happy to do that. An idea is blooming about how to include you in my quiet time and is making me smile. I am exhausted from unpacking boxes and will share it with you in the next couple of days. Quiet time, quiet foods, quiet awareness. Yes, I see how healing that will be.

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