114 pieces

114 pieces


114 pieces of patchwork, 6 pieces in front of schedule. Although I am enjoying doing it, it is taking some doing to keep up with it. A little reminder of what the colours stand for-

Put God First (green)
Eat Less Move More (brown/creams)
Buy Less Make More (red/pinks)
Stress Less Laugh More (blue)
Feel Blessed Love More And find a Quiet Spot Every Day to Breathe (yellow/orange)

I needed to set myself a ‘big’ challenge this year and it was to sew a 365/6 piece quilt by the end of the year. Once completed I am hoping it will be a gentle reminder of change.

  • Did you set yourself a big challenge this year? Have you accomplished it or are you still working on it? And how is it going?
  • Not started yet? There is plenty of year left to begin.

4 thoughts on “114 pieces

  1. I have my temperature blanket that I’m doing. I’ve currently run out of pale rose that I’m using for days that are 13 degrees and over 🙂 but it’s coming along lovely.

    I like that you have a lot of blues xx

    1. I am trying to alternate the colours but sometimes they just gather together, which makes it more of one colour but it’s not really. Keep going, if you stop its hard to start again. Will keep you warm when it’s done xxx

  2. This is coming along beautiful in all respects 🙂 came via the email link.. 🙂 Love what you have done with your Quilting xxx Have a lovely weekend Beverley xxx Hugs Sue x

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