Book Pile~May

Book Pile~May

I don’t feel like I have read very much over the last month, but looked in and out of several books!


Virginia-Woolf-LPTo The Lighthouse ~ Virginia Wolf.

After reading this book for the first in my late teens or early twenties, reading now a few years older as made all the difference to my appreciation of this book. My advice is, if you, like me, have read this book some years ago and didn’t think anything of it, it is well worth reading it again. I am not sure it is a book for everyone, but this time around it left me with greater and deeper thoughts about life, love and death.


indemnity onlyIndemnity Only (a V I Warshawski ~ private investigator) novel ~ Sara Paretsky.

This was the library book group read for April and it really didn’t get any good feedback from anyone. I kept expecting it to do something, as twist at the end or something, but no, nothing, in fact it had a rather disappointing end.


mindfulness depressionMindful Way Through Depression ~Mark Williams (et al.)

This was shared with me from a friend on audio. Although I have listened to the book, I am still using the guided meditations.



Reading (lots of things)

The Essential Guide to Chakras ~ Swami Saradananda

Mindfulness in Motion ~Tamara Russell

Mudras For Modern Life ~ Swami Saradananda

These are all coming together to expand my knowledge of my mind, body and spirit.

Reading Group

hildHild~Nicola Griffith (book group read for May)




… and many more…



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