(Sometimes you read something that is sooooo…like they are writing about your life. Lilabean: A storybook about simplicity for grown-up girls by Kate Carpenter; is about every woman’s life, in poems and i love it!! So Enjoy!)



So one day my buddy Beany

Said,”That’s it! Enough’s enough!

I’ve got far too much too handle –

Too much stress and too much stuff!”

“I am mentally exhausted –

I am physically worn out –

And I’ve totally forgotten

What life is all about.”

“I’ve been running ’round in circles

On a great big boring track;

I complain about the speed but

It’s direction that I lack.”

“And I couldn’t even tell you

What it is I would rather do –

‘Cause I’ve never had the chance

To find alternatives…have you??”

Now my friend was not a quitter,

But she’d had it up to here

With the pressures of maintaining

Both family and career.

And her big reward for chasing

This impossible success

Was an overdose of worry,

Guilt, anxiety and stress.

Where was all the satisfaction,

The fulfillment, and the pride?

Lila couldn’t seem to find it –

And, I’m telling you – she tried.

Oh, she had the inclination,

And the talent, to excel

But there wasn’t time to it all…

Much less do it well.

And now her sanity was suffering,

And her confidence was shot…

Maybe other gals could do it,

But poor Lilabean could not.

So she started taking shortcuts –

In her efforts to succeed –

And she lowered all her standards

Just to gain a little speed.

No, it wasn’t any wonder

She was short of self-respect:

Squeaking by with second-rate was

All that Lila could expect.

Doing work she could be proud of

Had become extremely rare;

She just didn’t have the time, so

She pretended not to care.

“But I see now,” Lila said,

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Self-esteem is not a luxury

That I can live without!”

(Kate Carpenter)



2 thoughts on “Lilabean

  1. Oh wonderful share dear Beverley.. She certainly captures how we have both felt at various points in our lives..
    Lovely to have a good catch up Beverley.. Love and warm hugs my friend xxx

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