A Story for Emily

A Story for Emily


A Story for Emily

This writing is from a 15 minute prompt I wrote yesterday morning and as I promised my daughter, Emily that I would share something with her, I thought I would share it with everyone who cares to read it. The idea behind a 15 minute prompt is to start writing, forget about grammar and spellings and keep writing until you either run out of time or thoughts or if like me, you are attacked by a small black and white cat. As I write my prompts by hand in a note book  I have tried not to change anything while writing it out for my blog, so they may be mistakes, but use your imagination and they will all go away.

In The Back of the Closet…

HotAirBalloonsIn the back of the closet was a door, no bigger than your hand. It was bright blue and decorated with hearts and starts in gold, but most people missed seeing it just the same, especially the big kind of people who had run out of imagination long ago. For you see the door could only be seen by the imagination, for it led to the world of imagination and the only way to see and go through the door was to use your imagination. So, if you are ready, let’s give it a try. What is in your imagination today? There is a hot air balloon race. Balloons all brightly coloured in stripes and stars, with bright coloured baskets hanging underneath, standing up tall, all ready to go. There are balloons stripped in red and white from the top to the bottom. There are crazy men in top hats and bow ties and women with bonnets all covered in lace and flowers. It’s time to begin, it is time to go – hurry, hurry or you will miss the start. Up they go, pop, pop, pop, like bubbles all in a row, red, yellow, blue and white and green. There are balloons with faces with big round eyes and pointy hats, all way up in the blue, blue, blue sky. Hold your breath! Will they all make it? Yes, yes, yes! They float away over the green grass, the purple hills, and dark woods, the grey rivers until at last the face is over and down they all come, thud, thud, and thud and out they all jump, all in time for tea. Tables spread with food galore, tiny sandwiches, squares of cheese and strawberries, big and red with cream, enough for all the happy racers so there is no need to rush, no need to push food a plenty all spread out. Come one, come all for in your imagination everything is possible, all you have to do is dream!


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