Speaking of Spiritual Things

Speaking of Spiritual Things

DreamsWe are all spiritual beings. We are encircled by the spirit’s of those long past, who come and go when they have messages to share. For me personally, these visitors are normally one or other or all my grandmothers or one of my spirit guides. However, occasionally, I get visit from people I do not know but yet they know someone I do know who are still living and they have a message they need to give. Some times the messages are short, sometimes they are long and complicated and take time to understand and relay forward, but there is one thing for sure, the spirits don’t leave until they have said all they have come to say and it as been delivered. I even remember one message I received, which was for a friend of my sister, a lady I didn’t know, but in time I met and she accepted what I had to say. Not everyone is open to the possibility of messages from beyond the grave, but believe me if someone is genuinely offering you a message, that will be given one way or another.

I am often asked by the receiver why they can’t receive the message direct -well, you can…you are not listening. I first became aware of spiritual being who would try and talk to me, in my late teens. At that time it scared me and I told them to go away and leave me alone, which they did as they have no choice. You see, unless you allow them space they cannot push their way in although they can become very persistent at times. However, before you decide to speak to spirits learn to protect yourself against the unseen dark that also lurks around us. I have only experienced them once. They pulled me quickly into a dark forest, but my angels were and as I heard them shout ‘No’ I heard my own spirit shout ‘Out’, Out being my word. I was instantly back in the land of the living, but I now know what it feels like to be truly frightened.

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now i know in part; but then shall I know for even as also I am known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12)

There are so many things that we do not know and do not understand so we dismiss them, but just because we do not understand the reasons why something happens we should pause, before we move on. For one day we will know and understand all things.


7 thoughts on “Speaking of Spiritual Things

  1. Keep following your inner guidence dear Beverley for Spirit will keep using you this way to relay messages.. πŸ™‚ I am so pleased you are passing on these messages.. From one Medium to another! my friend.. πŸ™‚ Keep tuning in..
    Love Sue ❀

    1. I have a message for someone who won’t accept what I’m saying, when the message was good they were all for it but now the message is a warning they don’t like it no more. Unfortunately the spirit won’t leave me until they are heard and the message is always truth. It’s lovely to hear from tough sue, I hope you’re not getting too water logged xx

      1. Yes such is the case often when people only listen to what they want to hear Beverley..
        Today is a better day for now, so hoping it stays fine long enough to dry my two lines of washing! πŸ™‚

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