open-mindI have been using an Headspace app on my Kindle to strengthen my daily meditation practice. As I am not overly fond of guided meditation I decided to use their free 10 day-10 minutes meditation sessions to begin with, to see how i got on.

After the first 10 days were over, I decided to re-run part of the 10 days and in the end after 15 days I decided that they were having a positive impact on my meditation and on my sleep too. It was at this point that I decided to buy a subscription to Headspace and I haven’t been disappointed.

I have now used Headspace guided meditation session for 40 days and about 10 days ago there was a definite shift in the energy around me during my meditation sessions and even afterwards, i was able to keep the calm I had felt. Although there are many meditation sessions to chose from on the website/app i would recommend that you stick with the Foundation sessions moving through level 1, 2 and then 3 before you go on to other meditation sessions, however, after session 1, then I added a sleep meditation, which i felt helpful and i had some much needed deep sleep after doing so.

I am now in love with Headspace. As you build on your meditation practice you will feel within yourself when it is right for you to move on to the next level or even a separate individual session instead. Let your mind, body and soul direct you and don’t think that you need to move on just because the sessions say so. Stick with your individual practice and i promise you that you will know when to move on and when to wait and there is nothing wrong with waiting.

6 thoughts on “Headspace

    1. Both my daughter and I started of with the 10 free days and eventually signed up – I find it very useful and i have meditated for years. I hope you find it helpful, Lisa.

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