Today A Stranger Made Me Laugh

Today A Stranger Made Me Laugh

grocery storeI have had a kind of low mood day, not quite a sad day, but i deep thoughtful day with not much to laugh at. Eventually, I ended up in the local supermarket. I am very focused when i shop and often shop from a list, but today the list was in my head and i was wandering as much as shopping, deep in thought.

However, i turned a corner and came across a man who was doing what appeared to be at first glance a jig, but in fact he was trying to decipher the list his wife had written and i could hear him mutter ‘where do i find…? What does she want that for…? I am sure we don’t need all these things… scratch of the head, shake of the list and jig a little bit. After helping him find what he was looking for in that aisle, we met often as we wandered around the shop and he quip ‘i am looking for ….any ideas?’ He said things in such a way that made me laugh out loud. And then as i was paying he sailed pass with his trolley and shouted, ‘thank you, i found everything…bye..’

Angels come in all sorts of guises, but they come to lift our spirits and make us smile.

Then my daughters sent me these – they are on holiday for a few days near the sea, the granddaughters are together and i am sure this play area is for small children, Emily, but if you join in then your sister is definitely going to take a photo of you. What these photos are for your secret stash??? Too late!!



5 thoughts on “Today A Stranger Made Me Laugh

  1. Lovely Beverley, both the photo’s and the story of the man trying to find everything on his list made me smile.. Maybe you too were his Angel dear Beverley as you helped him find certain things. πŸ™‚ His reward was to lift your spirits
    Hugs Sue xxx

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