peppa and georgeI would like to sit and write to you, but for some unknown reason my mind is full of blank!!!

I am sure I am not the only one to have to sit down and look at a blank page and the wonder what there is in life to write about?

Yet, here I sit!

I have one cat, George laid across the bottom of the bed so tired from his long day of sunshine and playing out and the other cat, Peppa is laid down the side of the bed. Although, George is becoming more and more independent, Peppa will only venture out if she can walk by my side. She is still as timid and as paranoid as ever, which is a shame really as I have a lovely long shared, safe garden for her to wander in. Maybe in time she will wander a little more on her own.

Every evening around 8pm George will start and pester me. He tries to sit on whatever it is I am doing, or the computer or my knee. Then he begins to purr and rub his head first on my hand, then on my knee and eventually on my face too – and what does he want? He wants me to go out for a walk up and down the garden with him.

I began doing this when he first came to live with me at only 10 weeks old. He wasn’t safe to be out on his own at that time, but since then it has become a ritual and at about the same time every night he comes to remind me that it time for a walk.

So this evening as i walked down the garden (I figure it is about 20 meters??) the sun was beginning to dip down behind the houses to the side of the garden, but I could still feel its warmth. There was also a warm slow breeze and it reminded me of the seaside when i was a child. That gentle wind and the closing down of the day always makes me glad I have made the effort and gone out for this little stroll.

At the end of the garden is an area of wild plants and right now there are a number of bright red poppies dotted around the area, long tall grasses, nearly as tall as me and small buttercups and daisies to name just a few. This evening as the wind blew through the grasses causing them to bend and sway, George decided it was playtime and spent several minutes chasing from one plant to another, but of course the grasses are not strong enough to withstand the weight of even a medium sized kitten and so he often ended up fallen down on all four paws wondering where the giant billowing monster had disappeared to. Only for him to pause for a moment or two and then chase crazily around until yet again the next billowing monster escaped as well.

When he has finally had enough he comes panting to me and circles around my feet and then together we walk back up the path, enter our little home, lock the doors and windows and close the curtains and begin to settle down for the night.

Peppa made it halfway down the garden path this evening before she turned tail and scurried back to safety of home-as she has short legs it is funny to watch her try and run. I have told her there are no real monsters in the garden, only the ones made of grass stalks, but she has yet to believe me. Maybe one day!

These two certainly keep me entertained!


2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. What a charming tale about your evening stroll with the cats, Beverly! Geaorge is making sure that you get exercise every day, just like our adopted dog Indie ~ I’m sure she believes that she’s walking us! She’s right in a way ~ we’d probably only go out walking once or twice a week if it wasn’t for her. Lovely post ~ you did have something to write about after all! 🙂

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