Being Truly Converted

Being Truly Converted

wisdom of the eldersA number of Sunday school lessons lately have got me thinking about how converted i am to my belief in Jesus Christ and in the church in general. Could i for one, walk away from the church but still in all honesty say that i am still truly converted to Jesus Christ?

If the God of this world is Jesus Christ and we know from scripture that he is, then his counsel found in Luke that once we are converted we should strengthen our brethren means so much more (Luke 22:32). However, this scripture is often misquoted as saying ~ once we are converted we should convert our brethren.

When we look specifically at tho words from this scripture; converted & strengthen this scripture.

As we are converted not unto Jesus Christ we no longer desire to do that which is contrary to his will. That means that we need a knowledge and an understanding of his will. However, having both a knowledge and an understanding of God’s will is of no help in our conversion if we do not also demonstrate our faith. Faith is hope of things not seen, but, which are true. It is through our daily coming and goings that we show our faith. It takes faith for us to seek out knowledge or knowing Jesus Christ and faith to then deeply understand the knowledge we gain. It is the combination of knowledge, understanding and faith that changes our very heart and true conversion taking part.

When our hearts are changed it changes our very being and our greatest desire is to then go about and strengthen others we meet along our life journey. We need to become the hands of Jesus Christ. When i think about Him, i think compassion, tenderness, love, gentleness, mildness, meekness and a deep, deep faith in his Father’s plan for him. We should do the same. We should always turn our hands to helping others has he did when he was alive.

As we serve other in his name we will be continually converted unto his work, which continues through us.


2 thoughts on “Being Truly Converted

  1. I’ve often thought, that if even half the folks who say they believe in Him, lived the way he showed us to live, the world would be a beautiful place.

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