Book Review ~Highly Sensitive People…

Book Review ~Highly Sensitive People…

HighlySensitivePeopleHighly Sensitive People ~In an Insensitive World by Isle Sand. First published in Denmark in 2010.

I read this book as a pre-release copy from Netgalley.

My first thought was it is very bland and matter of fact and not at all welcoming. I put this this down to two possibilities; it was translated from Danish and that it is a Kindle addition. I may or may not be wrong!

The writing is very compact and little small for me, which made it difficult to read. I felt it needed more pointers within the text to lead the reader forward. However, saying that it does have interesting ideas surrounding this idea of ‘insensitive people’ in this crazy world, because the world is definitely that…

I have come to understand that there are ‘Sensitive Introverts’ and ‘Sensitive Extrovert’, rather than plain ordinary Introverts or Extroverts and it became clear to me that i was indeed a Sensitive Extrovert and not what i have always believed an Introvert. Or indeed a person who likes the company of others, but are quickly overcome by outside stimuli to the point where I must with draw to recuperate and be able to cope.

There are guidelines on how to prevent being over-stimulated by what is going on around us. Isle Sand indicates that although it would be beneficial to inform those close to us of our sensitivity it is not necessary to tell everyone.

Other self-help ideas –

  • being out in nature
  • being near water
  • preparing ourselves beforehand by creating quiet space
  • take breaks
  • read a book
  • listen to the radio
  • go to the theatre or the cinema
  • go to a concert
  • attend a workshop or a lecture
  • spend time with children *
  • decide what kind of response we want from the other person
  • be open and honest with others about your limitations
  • learn what your limitation are and try to stick to them
  • sensitive people need deep meaningful one-to-one relationships, which result in meaningful conversations and acceptance
  • sensitive people need time to deal with disagreements and are not much good at facing other peoples or their own raw anger
  • highly sensitive people are more prone to anxiety and depression and need to realise that fear is also a natural feeling
  • HSP need to find themselves and find joy in being themselves

*Spend time with children…is an interesting one for me as my own children, now adults, often comment on how at ease I am and how i am ‘myself’ when i am with my granddaughters.

It is a good book. Lots of information, which I didn’t think i was getting, until i explained it to someone else and then realised that Isle Sand was actually making sense. Don’t expect it to be a quick flick through, but more of return-again-and-again-kind-of-book. Maybe not for everyone – he says himself that it is written for those who are HSP, those who live with people who are highly sensitive and those that work with them.

4 out of 5 (but only because I don’t think it is a book for everyone)



3 thoughts on “Book Review ~Highly Sensitive People…

  1. Thank you for this share Beverley, I can relate to a lot of what is logged within the list you have mentioned too ❤
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Oh and I meant to say before , love your new logo picture xxx
    Hugs Sue

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