Meditation -mini mission…

Meditation -mini mission…



..or how to teach your child to meditate…

…or how to teach your inner child to meditate…

I started meditating in my early 20’s about 30 years ago and I have meditated on and off since then. However, this year I have taken my daily practice more seriously and I have had deep heart changing success. So much so that I now believe that everyone should practice daily, especially children and as we are all children inside, it means all of us.

There are two complaints I receive from those who are first beginning to practice coming mainly in two places: 1) How do I stop my monkey mind or stop my mind from continuously chattering, and 2) How can I sit still for all that time…I must admit that most online or app guided meditations last for 10 minutes, which can seem a long time when you first begin.

Meditation Mini Mission

  • Practice every day
  • Choose a time when you won’t be disturbed
  • Choose a piece of music, but no lyrics, that lasts for 2-3 minutes
  • Sit comfortably and listen, no speaking out loud or moving until the music ends
  • Keep the same piece of music for the whole week and try not to miss a day

Meditation is…the connection of mind to body and body to mind.

3 thoughts on “Meditation -mini mission…

  1. I find I have best results when I play a nature CD, totally relaxes me and puts me in the same zen state as when I’m hiking, without the exhaustion, ha!

  2. I love your mini~mission, Beverly ~ it’s so achievable that anyone could do it, even me! I do have trouble quieting my monkey mind but when I do it is amazing! 🙂

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