Being Grateful For Who We Are

Being Grateful For Who We Are

vegetarian_diets‘The words that still pulses in one of those ancient journals stashed away in my storage unit told me in no uncertain terms that i’d taken my body for granted.’

On Facebook this morning a friend had put a statement on her profile that said this was National Book Week and select the 5th sentence from page 54 of the the nearest book to hand, and the above sentence came from one of the books i am reading at the moment and it made me think – how that sentence mirrors my own life!

If I were to read through out my own stored journals would they show the same thing over and over again? Goals: lose weight or take more exercise or go to bed earlier… add your own. Although I have recognized that the way I am treating my body is doing more harm then good, I ask myself often why haven’t I changed things when it is quite clear that I need to and I am quite capable of doing so?

Human beings are an odd species. Animals, other than humans, generally only eat to fulfill need, and therefore never over eat and only eat when they are hungry and not for pleasure as we do. However, the human body is innately programmed to store excess food in case of lack in the near future. For most of us this lack will never come in our lifetime.  There are problems with this programming; in the Western world we are rarely without food to sustain life. In fact, for most of us we are often faced with far too much choice, which results in most of us eating too much, too often. And although we know it is doing us harm, we continue to do it anyway.

It would be good for us to do the following:-

Learn to listen to your body. Recognize what our own body feels like when it is asking for sustenance; sustenance = sustain – when we are hungry.

Eat more of the foods that will sustain us, rather than for pleasure; I would put chocolate, cake, high sugar, high fat products in the second group. Nice to have, but not too much, too often.

Drink more water and stay hydrated. Often we eat even though what our body really need is fluid.

Stop eating to time; it’s 8am breakfast, or 12 midday so it’s lunch, etc…

Snack healthily; fruit, nuts, grains, proteins.

If you are hungry, eat proteins first and carbohydrates afterwards.

  • I am working on all these things, but it takes time and patience with ourselves.
  • Set small goals and don’t give up.

2 thoughts on “Being Grateful For Who We Are

  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s a struggle to make healthy choices. I am grateful to read posts like this one, which motivate me to re-direct my thinking to making choices to improve the quality of my life. Took a break for several months. I am glad to reconnect with you.

    1. It is good to see you back. I have come to accept that I love chocolate and I am unlikely to give it up completely, but eating one bar does not mean I have to eat another and another or not eat my fruit and vegetable quota as well. Good luck.

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