Living Mindfully

Living Mindfully

IMG_3364To live mindfully, is to live is such a way that supports your values, beliefs and desires for your life.

There are many people out on the web who have very successful blogs and lives advocating mindfulness or mindful living and reading these blogs will give us helpful direction, however, we should be aware that our lives are not theirs and visa-versa. But, they are a good place to start.

I cannot tell you how to live your life mindfully and there are some that would find my life boring and far too quiet. There was a time when i would agree with them, but these days, although i have moments of madness when i want noise and people, most of the time i am settled in my quiet life.

Being acutely aware of my sensitivity to the noise and bustle of the world it is nice to be able to retreat from it all. Now, i can choose to invite people and activities into my space or indeed not.

There are still things I am still not very good at and one of them is saying ‘no.’ No, sorry that doesn’t fit with my life or I really don’t want to do thanks, not now anyway, maybe later. I think the other thing is letting go off toxic people. I don’t like offending people and I tend to see everyone as good until they prove otherwise and not on other people’s say so, but even so I have found that I keep hold of relationships that are not feeding me or supporting me anymore for far too long.

To begin living mindfully begin by asking yourself what you want? Make a list, make a long list, start the list and keep adding to the list for several days or until you naturally come to a stop or until you haven’t added anything new for at least a week or two even. Living mindfully is all about you and sometimes you have to be very brave to see, accept and then do what it means to you.

Earlier this summer I bought a garden chair, nothing fancy and it was my plan to sit outside as much as possible, especially in the evenings and yet i have used it only a few time. However, this evening after dinner i took my chair and a cushion or two and read a chapter of my book, then did some work on my patchwork, wrote my bullet journal (more about that later), wrote my gratitude journal and my day notes, then a took a walk with the cats and took a photo of the moon.


2 thoughts on “Living Mindfully

  1. A great post, Beverly! This year I’ve let go of so many thoughts and habits that were interfering with my mindfulness and life has become much simpler. I’ve wondered if my life looks boring from the outside but I’m more at peace and I love that feeling. One tip I used for saying ‘no’ was giving myself time to respond by saying ‘let me sleep on it and I’ll get back to you.’ Then I could figure out what I really wanted, without pressure or the need to people please. The right words seem to come to me and I could speak honestly, without giving offence or feeling guilty. It does take daily practise, though! 🙂

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