I Believe in Personal Revelation from God

I Believe in Personal Revelation from God

When my children were younger we came across a recipe book that had a recipe for a cake. Now, finding a cake recipe in a book isn’t that exciting, but this cake was known as ‘The Can’t Go Wrong Cake.’ If you followed the recipe as it was set it, the cake never went wrong. The recipe was simple –

  • weigh 3 medium sized eggs (with shells)
  • add the same weight of butter, caster sugar and self raising flour
  • combine
  • cook

For instance –

  1. If your eggs weighed 180g – then you would add –
  2. 180g butter
  3. 180g caster sugar
  4. 180g self raising flour
  5. place in a baking tin and cook at medium heat (gas 5) for 25-30 minutes

You could then either divide it up into cupcakes or a single sponge cake, remove two tablespoons of flour and replace it was cocoa to make a chocolate cake.

The thing about this is cake, is, if you followed the recipe it never went wrong – you can ask my children…

My Heavenly Father doesn’t teach me how to make cakes, he does give me recipes to help me live my life. As i know this is true, why is it that when he gives me a recipe through revelation do i not follow the instructions given.

When he says

  1. take…
  2. do…
  3. go…
  4. be open to…
  5. receive blessing…

Do remove number 2 then move up 3 and then only half do 4, then i wonder why 5 doesn’t happen the way he told me it would????

Yesterday I went with some friends to the Preston Temple. I went with the intent to receive revelation from my Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost. I know I have received revelation before with absolute assuredly. God, speaks to me in small voices, in visions, in dreams, meditating and even through pondering or daydreaming. He speaks when we are ready to listen, he speaks when i don’t want to listen, but he speaks anyway. There are times when it feels like is sat next to me writing out the recipe for me to follow and still i lack the wisdom to follow the instructions as given.

Yesterday i received the following revelation from my Heavenly Father –

  1. I know you, I love you
  2. you can be forgiven, every wit
  3. i will give you strength in your body and in your mind to be able to do the things you need to do and what i need you to do
  4. continue to be faithful to the covenants (promises) you have made
  5. be faithful and the blessings will come, i promise you

I know many will not understand these things, for the world would have us believe that God does not speak to man any more and hasn’t done for many years, but i know for myself that the world is wrong. I also know that God will talk to anyone that have the desire to listen. Listening is only the beginning, when we have heard it is then up to us to follow through with what we have been told.

I will do my best not to cross out 2. and move 3 and 4 up and forget about 5, for i know that God loves me.




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