No One Else Can Make You Happy!

No One Else Can Make You Happy!

IMG_3394There I have said it! I have been meaning to say it for a while, but it kept escaping my brain. The second part of that statement is –

‘The only person that can make you happy, is you!’

Whether you like it or not!

Other people can make you laugh, they can bring you joy, they can make you smile, but they cannot make you happy.

I have been wondering if happiness really exists at all, because if it does it seems to have bypassed me. or maybe i don’t understand what happiness is?

Today i was sat in a mill, which had been changed into art galleries, book shops, and places to eat and i listened to the the conversation between a  woman and a man sat at the next table, it went like this –

w: it would look so much better in here if they changed the lighting

m: it looks alright to me

w: some lower lighting over the tables maybe?

m: grunt and odd half smile/half grimace

Me thinking : when this mill was working the only light they had was from the long windows down each side of the building, not very ambient, but better than darkness.

w: why don’t they do something with the stone floor, it so uneven? do you think it’s real?

m: it’s supposed to be like that – shrug of shoulders

Me thinking: yes, it’s real. It’s real enough to take the weight of the machinery so that it didn’t plummet through the floor and onto the workers below. It was about that moment that the chattering voices became clattering looms and i could almost see the sweat pouring off the faces of the women who worked them. I wanted to tell this no-person that yes this mill was real and couldn’t she see the workers, didn’t she realise that they would arrive at first light and not leave until they couldn’t see anymore?

Nope! No one can make us happy! Not even if they changed the lighting and polished the floors – there would always be that one person who would still not be happy.

NB: The food was delicious, far too much, but delicious 🙂 and although busy, the service was quick and friendly.


6 thoughts on “No One Else Can Make You Happy!

  1. I looked to find happiness for far too many years from other people, other things and other places. Looking within, letting go and walking away, I am on a path to authentic happiness.

  2. I’m busy worrying about a slew of things right now and yet….I can still find moments of happiness because, yes, it’s on me!

    1. I think most of us have a ‘slew’ of things to worry about all the time, they are different for each of us. All we can do is be there for one another and allow each other to find our own way x

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