A Simple Pause

A Simple Pause

Simply pause today…

My life is nowhere as busy as it use to be, or as busy as other people’s and yet i often find myself running out of time before i have run of things to do in a day.

So just for today…pause…

take a breath…

then another…

then continue…

Here are some flowers for you.



7 thoughts on “A Simple Pause

  1. Thank you. Grocery shopping day and putting food away has exhausted me today. After going through my Reader, I will stop and breathe. Then,relax for the remainder of the day.

  2. I love those flowers. And I love the exhortation to pause. I’m on vacation with my husband and after a flurry of activity in previous days, today we did nothing but hit pause. It was glorious. Tomorrow we return home and to life as usual.

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