Fibro 101

Fibro 101

Sarah @ A Life Less Physical wrote and article that appeared on her blog and on ‘New Lifeoutlook; Fibromyalgia ~ 18 Things Physical, Mental and Emotional Things Fibro Feels Like’ and it rang do true to where i am right now that i thought i would gather it from both sites and share it here

– my reply to Sarah post was ‘I need to print out this list and read it at length to every health care i come across, every time i speak to them – i was sleeping but the pain work me up with a jolt ;(‘

The List

  1. “My muscles feel like I went to Body Pump last night, and then squeezed in a spin class before work this morning.
  1. My knee joints feel so painful I think they’re about to come apart, like a raggedy old doll who’s been pulled in too many directions too many times.
  1. My fingers hurt with every touch of the keyboard, like I broke them months ago and the bones haven’t recovered properly.
  1. It feels like my muscles are bubbling away under my skin, tiny little spasms that last for hours.
  1. Walking feels like I’m wading through mud up to my thighs and all I want to do is lie down in it.
  1. I am so tired that my eyes are stinging. I feel like I’ve been awake for 72 hours straight, when, in actual fact, I’ve been asleep for most of that time.
  1. I feel like I’m learning to speak a new language — my head feels completely empty as it searches for words, and I when I finally find the words I can’t put them in order.
  1. I feel sad and disappointed. Even though I know and understand the pain cycle, it’s like I somehow thought this time would be different.
  1. My head feels so heavy and my neck feels as weak as a thin twig, like it can’t possibly hold the weight of my concrete skull….(you can read the rest here)

NB: The results of my x-rays were normal, no broken bones, no arthritis. However, I am still in pain – the Dr (very nice) prescribed Buprenorphine patches to add to the pain relief pills i am already taking. As it is getting to the point where i would like to chop my arms and legs off, anything that may help, I will at least give it a go!!!


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