This is day when…

This is day when…

peppa…I decided to clean up (a little) as my perfectly sized, tiny flat was beginning to look i had been burgled and smelled like something had died and the cavalry was nowhere in sight and so i decided to try and do a little bit of something. I decided to put away my sewing machine, balancing the foot pedal and cables as i gathered it into my arms i turned to put in its box in the bedroom and there in front of me was a cat, which i almost stood on, fell over, but the sudden movement caused the foot pedal and cables to fall and land squarely on my big toe. It hurt so much i didn’t even swear or shout or anything…continuing to maneuver my load towards the bedroom and dropping it on the bed …i didn’t even kick the cat…i hobbled to the freezer got some ice cubes, wrapped them in a tea towel and hobbled to the sofa, where i sat silently wondering how i could kick the cat without using my foot? It was at this point, as i looked towards the window, that i realised that the washing going around in the washing machine was not going to hung out to dry, as it was raining…sigh!! In the end i cleared a space…pulled 25 unwanted books of the book case before i had to concede that my body had had enough for the day. But i did throw out the cat’s litter tray, they are grown up cats now…they can go out! in the rain…

ps that cat constantly wants food…but it’s not happening…


6 thoughts on “This is day when…

  1. Ow!! I love tidying up, not cleaning though. Cleaning is a grubby job, but tidying is so satisfying. I have just started reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, it was one of those really well advertised and talked about books around Christmas time last year. I love it so far and really agree with lots of the principles. A tidy space make me feel calmer and happier. x

  2. I sometimes take care of my neighbour’s cat and he constantly is under my feet. I am scared he will knocked me down the stairs some day so I have a pocket full of toys and throw those ahead of him for him to run after. It is scary to have a cat in your feet. I’m guessing yours doesn’t do that on a regular basis, only an opportune moments when your arms are full and you can’t see he is there. sigh.

    1. If i go anywhere near the kitchen she thinks it’s food time and my table is by the kitchen, it was life connecting the dots, but the toe as survived and looks ok.

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