How to make you meditation more meaningful

How to make you meditation more meaningful

shamrock-chrysanthemum1There are many things i have learnt over the years that i have practiced daily meditation, it is certainly a learning process. But, here are a few things i have learnt –

  • your practice is your practice and no one else’s
  • stop worrying about the bigger why, you find your own why
  • pick a set space in your day to practice; instead of connection this to a set time try picking a space connected to something you already do regularly. For instance when you get up, after you have prayed, before you go to sleep, it is up to you
  • find a place in your home and retire there to practice whenever possible – create a sacred space, you might like to create a simple alter
  •  be a chrysanthemum (Thich Nnat Hanh) and lay, sit or stand in a way that is comfortable for you
  • if you use scented candles, remember to light it several minutes before you start you practice
  •  practice daily
  • start by sitting for a few minutes every day, then when you are ready add extra time slowly
  • be consistent
  • take time at the end of your practice to sit and assess how you feel about your practice without judgement
  • enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “How to make you meditation more meaningful

  1. Very good tips, Beverley. I’m still not very consistent with when I meditate. But the next-to-last tip is one I need the most: to practice without judgment. I still judge myself too much on how I’m “failing” at meditation, as if that’s really a thing.

    1. try using an app called Headspace they give you 10×10 minutes sessions free and you can repeat them over and over as many times as you like. Good luck.

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