Are we becoming greedier?

Are we becoming greedier?

mr-greedyWhen my children were small they had a book called Mr Greedy, my granddaughters now have this little book as well. It is about a author made character named Mr Greedy. My Greedy’s main problem is that he likes to eat, and eat and eat and doesn’t know when to stop, hence the name, Mr Greedy.

The definition of the word GREED is ‘the excessive or rapacious desire, for wealth or possessions.’

In the last few days I have come upon several things that have made me ponder upon this word ‘GREED.’ To be hungry and to eat is to fulfill a need. To work and make money is also to fulfill a need. Although i would love to give up money altogether, i would have a problem obtaining the services that i need to be able to live a comfortable life. However, since i have had to give up work money as really become the root of all evil in my life. Not that i use for evil, but the constant need to pay something or other is a continual evil or stress to me.

It took just four years for me to loose my home after i had to give up work because of my health – i had to give up work and therefore my income, i now live on a third of the income i was living on a few years back. Also, the government decided that all benefit payments should be frozen and no one got they few pence/pounds pay rise, but all those requesting bill payments were able to add the usual amount to their bills. I am not moaning, but making a statement of fact. I have enough money coming in to pay for what i need, but not a lot to spare.

My second thought came from a local newspaper headline, which read ‘Pay and Despair.’ It was talking about the fact the local council wanted to double the cost of ‘Pay and Display’ parking in Brighouse, in the hope that people would use it more and stop parking in the places they shouldn’t – I think they may have got their thinking wrong! In the tiny shopping centre of Brighouse there are two supermarkets both with car parks, which on most days are half empty, but yet state that you can only park free for two hours. It is all about money? All about greed?

Yesterday whilst browsing Pinterest, as i have a tendency to do far too often, i came across an article about Simple Living and it looked interesting so i decided to follow the links through to the blog it had come from. However, once there it didn’t me long to leave, which was a shame as the article looked interesting, but only the middle third of the blog page was visible and this was because of advertisements, which came down, up, in from he sides and even pop-ups as i tried to scroll down the page. I added a comment and left. I am not adverse to others having advertisements on their blogs or links or pictures, but when you cannot actually read the post it is a little too much.

My conclusions are these; are we all becoming Mr Greedy? We may not be over eating, but are we over wanting, over buying, over needing? There has to a way to provide services to those who need them at a reasonable rate that all benefit by doing so, whether that is clean water to our homes, or somewhere safe to park the car. After losing my job, income and home i have come to realize that i can live with far less than i ever thought possible and so can most of us. Take today to look around your home and decide what you do not need and how you can recycle it, give it away, but more than that, decide today to buy nothing more that you do not need. It is alright to fulfill a want occasionally, but it should be done with thought, before purchase and not afterwards.


4 thoughts on “Are we becoming greedier?

  1. A thought provoking post Beverley, and I so sympathise with your predicament too. It appears very one sided while local authorities cut back essential things like Child-day care, and other amenities, then like our local council spend over 300,000 pounds on a make over for their offices.. and sanction trips abroad for their mayors to team up with other towns in the USA.. Here too parking is expensive and they wonder why our town centre is dying when the Free supermarkets car parks are full on the perimeters of the town. Even our Market is only a quarter of what it once was as they put rents up and messed the market traders about altering their pitches ..
    Greed is overtaking everything..
    And yes I agree we should ask ourselves not if we want something, but do we need it.. I often ask that of myself when seeing a nice new dress .. 🙂 and make do with the ones I have lol

    Love to you my friend.. Sue ❤

    1. Thank you for your comment Sue, I am glad to know i am not alone. Everything is about making money and it makes me very sad. I no longer give to what i call ‘bucket charities’ those set up to cover a specific crisis as i once heard a group of collectors on the train talking about the fact that 40% of what goes in those buckets actually goes into their pockets and on a good week they can earn £1,000 – I now give through church, knowing that every penny i give goes where it is supposed to go. Enjoy the sunshine, Sue xxx

      1. Yes unfortunately the few give a bad name to the rest who are genuine collectors for charities. I give to Save the Children and the Red Cross via DD. though I have had to reduce the amounts since giving up work I can no longer afford the same as when I was working.. Even they get greedy asking all the time to increase the monthly debits xx

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