Fuel food

Fuel food

granola-dust-sized-635x357Or indeed food as fuel. Far too often these days i find myself eating junk and the main reasons are that junk (mainly) is nice, it easy on the taste buds, it is easy to pick up and eat and we wrongly believe it is cheap. However, i have found that although it may taste good to begin with, it is not long before it will begin to bite back with heart burn, upset stomach and even more problems as it makes it way, often quickly, through my system.

I would be the first person to agree that cooking when your hands are on fire is almost impossible. Add the hand pain, to muscle fatigue beyond words in your arms and back and it is isn’t long before you are heading for the quick-fix-food. Recently i have been wondering if there is a better way? The answer to that is simple, of course there is, however my Fibromyalgia body also as other problems when it comes to food.

I can eat fish and a little chicken (not too often), but read meat causes the above problems. I can eat cooked vegetables, but not raw ones, such as salad, except for spring onions and radishes and tomatoes are okay – cooked. I can eat some fruit, but calm fruits are better for my system; bananas, melon, pears, strawberries, small portions of seedless grapes are also okay and small oranges, but not too often, pineapple is good and found fresh pineapple this summer and it is so good. Dairy as not shown itself to be a problem, so yoghurt, milk, butter and cheese are fine. The same with wheat, seeded breads often cause problems further down in my system and so i tend to avoid them, but wholewheat bread causes no problems at all. Cereal is my go-to food when i am unwell-put in bowl, add milk and eat – done!!

The other thing i have found is that if i don’t eat enough during the day then i often eat more junk in the evenings and my hunger will often wake me from sleep and won’t let me go to sleep before i satiate it (feed-it or is that feed-me?), unfortunately that is often done with high sugar junk from my bedside drawer.

The other problem that most people have is that they eat the wrong way round. We tend to eat like a pauper at breakfast, Lord at lunch and a King at dinner, whereas we should be eating like a King at breakfast, Lord at lunch and Pauper at dinner.  I haven’t solved this problem yet – the problem being that the pain and fatigue tends to be greatest in the mornings, eases off during the day, only to return in the evenings. I have tried eating my dinner at lunchtime, but then found i was snacking too much in the evenings and was woken in the night because my body was hungry. For breakfast i am a cereal eater, there is no getting away from that fact. I have made my own muesli in the past, which was good, but very expensive – Jamie Oliver makes Granola Dust – see below – not tried it yet, but i intend too (but no coffee, it’s against my religion, honest!).

So many thoughts going round in my head right now. Just so you know, it takes me half a day to feel like a human, then i get about two hours until i begin to rubbish again. Could better food be the answer? I know one thing for sure and that is if you intend to change your diet do so slowly one thing at a time as quick changes causes stress on the body and may cause the Fibromyalgia to flare, more pain, more fatigue let me tell you now that you will give up before you have even started. Also before removing something from your diet work out what you are going to replace it with first. It needs to be swapsies so you don’t feel deprived or/and hungry.

As I have the ingredients in to make muesli I am going to have a go at Jamie’s Granola Dust, will let you know, with no coffee – why would you give coffee to children???





4 thoughts on “Fuel food

  1. It’s interesting that many of the foods you find helpful cause a reaction in me Beverly ~ particularly too much wheat or dairy. I guess it’s a case of really listening to your own body and getting to know what’s best for you. Junk food can be a problem, I agree, but when you’re in pain and weary it can seem like a quick fix! 🙂

  2. I cut down a lot on Wheat I think I said before.. Also stopped drinking and having Milk I drink Almond milk now or Hazelnut Milk.. And use coconut milk to make smoothies..I wouldn’t put coffee in it, either 🙂 But I do make Granola from scratch and use Oats and nuts and I add sultanas and raisins whole after roasting the oats and nuts..

    Thanks for this Beverly.. Hugs Sue

    1. yes my muesli is something different to yours. My theory about food is that it is not the food but the unpronounceable stuff they add as well, including soya. I think soya is one of the biggest problems and it is in most things including bread and baked goods 😦 xxx

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