Mindfully thinking & speaking

Mindfully thinking & speaking

zen-stones-and-daisiesHave you noticed how badly the younger generations speak? I am talking here about the text and instant messenger brigade. Not only do they not know how to speak, or write they don’t know how to use the words; ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’ or indeed ‘Sorry.’ What is happening to the world? We need to bring back mindful speech and mindful thought too, so what we say we believe to be true and right and honest and kind, yes, KIND.
Let me share something with you. Several months ago I went to the dentist and as the treatment I required I felt would be better completed at the Dental Hospital I asked the Dentist to refer to such, which he promptly did, warning me there would be a couple of months to wait for an appointment. I was fine with that. However, after waiting three months I phoned the dentist to find out what was going on as I had not heard anything, they informed me that the request had been sent off as requested and gave me a phone number to contact the Dental Hospital. On phoning them I was informed that although they had received the request it had been refused on grounds on missing information and the Dentist had been informed. But, when I phoned the dentist’s office back they had not received anything from the Hospital. After some ‘ermm’ from the receptionist she finally said ‘I don’t know what to do about it?’ She then cut me off – on purpose or by accident i don’t know, but she cut me off. I phoned back and spoke to someone else and explained it all again and suggested that maybe she speaks to the Dentist and get him to sort it all out. She said she would do that and then someone would phone me back. That was Thursday and I still haven’t heard. I can see myself having to phone again!

Yet, if I put all that to one side the thing I never heard in all the kafuffle was the word ‘Sorry.’ It did not matter that it was the young woman’s fault or not, or that the phone got disconnect by mistake or not, the word ‘Sorry’ should have been used somewhere in the conversations I had had, but it never was.
On the same day I had to phone the Doctor’s for some log in information. Apparently I was supposed to wait for it when I requested it, but the young woman at the desk asked me if she could post it to me and as she was busy I said ‘yes.’ A month later I had not received it, so I phoned to find out where it gone to – it had been filed. Yet again there was no ‘sorry’ or even any apology in their speech.
We need to speak mindfully. We need to teach the rising generations, some of which will be answering the phones to you the patient that it is a good thing to say ‘Please,’ or ‘Thank you,’ and that it is not a sign of weakness to say ‘Sorry’ it is being polite.
We need to think mindfully and that in turn will lead to us speaking mindfully too. The more we do it the more it will become second nature and we will automatically come across as being more kind, more open and more honest. And when we say the words, we need to mean them from the mind in such a way that they change both yours and the recipients hearts, because it is only through a change heart that we become changed.


5 thoughts on “Mindfully thinking & speaking

  1. Yes I am afraid this is a trait I experience a lot too Beverley.. It costs nothing to say sorry .. But then no one smiles much either these days on reception desks.. A smile costs nothing either..

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