My BuJo

My BuJo

imag0074What is a BuJo? Actually it is a Bullet Journal. I found the idea on Pinterest a month or so ago, thought it was a good idea and decided to set one of my own. I am not going to go into the ‘general’ setup of such journal, but what i have found to be useful and in some cases useless!

  • Your BuJo is yours and you will need to find out what works and doesn’t work for you, personally (now i am into ‘it’ a little) i would begin with any notebook that you have lying around before you buy one of the specified Journals that you can buy as they are a little more expensive and we all make mistakes when we begin.
  • Go on Pinterest, visit websites and gather knowledge about other people’s do’s and don’t – these things are useful.
  • Invest in a ruler longer than the pages of the book you are using and some good quality fine tipped coloured pens – i use Stabilo point 88, 0.4 – but can use whatever you choose.
  • Begin your journal by using people’s ideas, within a month you will know what worked and what didn’t. You may also find there are things you need that other don’t – more about that when i show you my pages.
  • Once you have played around and decided what works then invest in a proper Journal. Although many use lined notebooks the BuJo journals pages don’t have lines, but dots, which you can use to make lines, boxes or whatever you need – it will become clearer in time.
  • Keep adding, subtracting until you find what works for you, hence the cheaper notebook to begin with.

My Pages

My Goals


This is a snowflake of my yearly goals and how some i have broken some of them down into weekly or daily goals.

Monthly Trackers

This is a bad example verses a good/more organised monthly tracker. Not drawing in the boxes in the September version was a mistake i won’t make again as it made it look untidy and difficult to fill in. In the new October version i have decided to assign each item i want a to track a colour, which i am planning on sticking with in the future.

I also have two types of Money tracker; one is a monthly overview of what is coming in and going out and when and the second one is a daily Expenses Tracker what i spend and when i can i stop so much on stuff i don’t need???

I also track, although i missed the title off, it is a Fibromyalgia Tracker and it tracks the main symptoms; Pain, Fatigue, Sleep and Other. It as been helpful for me to note that not every day is a bad day, and although i am never without some pain there are days when it is no worse than usual. I also set myself a Goal to walk. Originally i set the goal really low at 160 steps a day on top of walking round the flat as this was to the bottom of the garden and back. I now have increased the steps to 560 per day minimum. There will still be days when any steps will be almost impossible, but the less i do the more my body pays for it in a deficit and deficits are never good.


I also Ponderize a scripture every week and i write that week’s scripture in my Journal.

The usual Journals things such as;

Future Log – what you are planning over the coming year for instance,

Monthly Log – i don’t do enough in a month to do this and so after the first month i decided not to bother

Daily Log – again i don’t enough to make this worth doing for me, so i don’t. However, you can find all these things on Pinterest and other websites.

They suggest having a Legend; Task, Task completed, Task migrated, Task scheduled, Events, Notes, Priority task – again i didn’t find these useful as on average my days are more or less the same.

Some people do lots of Doodling and pretty pictures in theirs, but i have never been a doodler, i think it comes from the fact that at school it wasn’t allowed and you made to go cover your book in some ghastly wallpaper or something, but feel free to doodle at will – have fun and go wild!


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