When you need the cavalry to come, but it doesn’t come…

When you need the cavalry to come, but it doesn’t come…

I haven’t had any bad mind days for some time, all summer in fact, but this morning my old friend was back and I was swallowed, drowning in black. Although I told a friend about how bad I was feeling he didn’t come- the cavalry didn’t come and if I am honest that particular cavalry never appears when it really needed, but always after the fact. Then the postman brought me an envelope from my sister, Carole and in it was the thing I needed more than anything else…. she sent me flowers and from the flowers I made ‘BIG’ Art because art should always be big, the bigger the better.

The day the black cloud arose and the cavalry didn’t come my sister, Carole sent me flowers and i added a few things from my stash and i got to work making BIG ART because there isn’t any other kind.


And i made Big Art right there on the wall…


(the art in the middle was done by my daughter Emily)

I added some beautiful music played by a friend… and i prayed that he would know that it’s never too late to come back to God, for God’s hand will always be extended to him…to us all no matter what we do.


A treat from my daughter… Turkish delight!


Then there was hope when i thought all hope was gone…

…yes, the orchid is flowering again, when i thought its short life was over.

And in between in all i heard God speak – ‘today i knew you would need the cavalry and i also knew that the cavalry you wanted to appear, wouldn’t. So stead i sent you flowers of love, music of peace and hope.’ And i knew that He what i would need today even before today arrived, even before i knew what it was and i had to thank God that i don’t always know.

and i made a mess…





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