Does my legs look short in this -333 Project revisited

Does my legs look short in this -333 Project revisited

You should love everything you wear – my 30

The 333 Project was the challenge given by Courtney Carver at Be More With Less. It was one of the first blogs and the first challenges i got involved with and as i have never been a clothes hoarder it as been fun to do in the last few years. However, at the beginning of this year i found an online women’s store that sold clothes i fell in love with because they fit, they were good at sales and i bought lots of things and i went shopping.

‘The 333 Project is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items for 3 months.’ You can read more here. However, as you can read on Courtney’s blog it is not about deprivation. If something wears out then replace it, if it you grow out of your clothes then replace them. Need a few more than 33 items then find a number that works better for you. I tend to work on the light-side and right now i have 30 items.

including –

  • all clothes
  • outer wear – 1 coat, hat, pair of gloves
  • shoes – i only own 4 pairs

not including –

  • jewellery
  • nightwear
  • underwear
  • dress scarves, don’t wear them that often
  • and when i worked, uniform

Read up on what Courtney has to say and then make it your own and don’t forget to share your success.

As part of restocking my wardrobe i had to replace two pairs of jeans and i cannot believe that my legs have shrunk 4 inches since the last time i bought some about a year ago. The new jeans are so long that i need to fold them up, even though they are not that style of jean and that is regular length – short length was too short. So when did my legs shrink?

Short legs or what?

One thought on “Does my legs look short in this -333 Project revisited

  1. When did your legs shrink? Simple – it happened when clothes manufacturers fired all the quality control people. Sizes seem to be nothing but vague hints these days, even when I order the same item number and size that fit perfectly a few months ago. 😦

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