Yesterday or the day before…

Yesterday or the day before…

striped iris in bud…i can’t quite remember, but there was a moment during the last few days when i decided to quit writing my blog. I decided no one was reading it and besides i had run out of things to say. Then last night i went into the back of my blog, where the cogs and the wheels that make it run live – i always end up in the wrong place, but i got there in the end. I went there to find out how many people actually follow my blog. I really did! Because for some unknown reason i thought that figure was a value of what i am worth as a blogger, as a person even – the number said 274, plus 143 on Facebook and 9 on Twitter and yet the visits and the comments only read 9. That proved my point no one is bothered about me. Then another thought was brought to my attention – Why??? Why was it so important that lots of people visit my blog and read what i have to say and let me know when i am getting it right and wrong, as we all do sometimes – Why??? Why was it important that these numbers were displayed on my front page so all could see them? Why are they a mark of my value to the world? Then i remembered that i write because i am a writer. I created a blog for a public platform. That writing has changed me and will continue to change me. I follow 20 blogs (about) and every so often i go through and delete my follow because that person who was writing has stopped, as felt no worth, no value in their words, which is very sad. I am not my words, my words are only a part of me. I value your input and your ‘likes’ and if i get it wrong your ‘dislikes’. This year my word was ‘CHANGE’ and there has been change in my life, some of it good and some of it sad, but change happens. Day follows night and night follows day, time does not stop nor go backwards. If in a whole year of writing i say only one thing that changes only one person’s life then i have done my part.

Going forward –

  • shorter blog posts
  • every day (i will try)
  • accepting change
  • more teaching
  • more SLOW LIVING.



8 thoughts on “Yesterday or the day before…

  1. I remember someone once saying to me that you know you’re a photographer when you carry a camera with you everywhere and you take pictures of everything. Nowadays it’s obviously a lot easier to carry a camera around with you since we have one constantly on our phones. But I think the point they were trying to make was, you write for yourself, you write because it makes you feel better, it’s an outlet for you to understand things and work things out in your brain. A photographer carries a camera everywhere to capture those moments that no one else sees. You write down the moments from your mind that no one else can see, unless you write them. Just because people aren’t commenting doesn’t mean they aren’t listening šŸ™‚

  2. Fab… I didn’t always write but I do read many and find them interesting, some funny and make me smile, some rattle me something … lol keep writing am still waiting for your book x

  3. Whew–you scared me for a minute. šŸ™‚ I’m glad you didn’t decide to quit blogging. Even though I don’t always comment, I do always read your posts. You have valuable things to say and I appreciate hearing them. I try not to look at my numbers very often; they can be cold and depressing. I’ve read that for every one comment, there were 10 people who read but didn’t comment.

    1. I always read your posts too, Lisa, they often make me pause for thought. I ended up on the statistics page by accident, still haven’t worked out how to put the follow number on my blog. I love writing and i have chosen to continue until i feel it is time to stop.

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