The Book Pile

The Book Pile

light Light Shining in the Forest ~Paul Torday.

Paul Torday is also the author of ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ and there is an element of Governmental senselessness and absurdity in ‘Light Shining in the Forest.’ Norman Skokoe as been appointed as the new Children’s Czar in the UK, but before he was able to set up his new office, officialdom had shelved the whole project, leaving Norman, having left London, living in Newcastle. He has a shiny new office and secretary, good pay, but absolutely nothing to do and no one seems to know what to do with him. When first two and then another child goes missing he almost oblivious, that is until a local newspaper journalist, Willie convinces him that there is more to the case and the Police are turning a blind-eye. What begins as a story of bureaucracy gone mad, turns into murder-mystery-comical-crime-thriller with an unlikely hero. Get passed the first couple of chapters and it becomes reading with Torday’s easy style leading the reader on towards the end.


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