How to write a blog post

How to write a blog post

wordsAfter spending several minutes wandering mindlessly through Pinterest, because sometimes it is a good idea to do that, do nothing but meander, but while i was wandering or is that meandering (?) i came across a number of ‘pins’ around the subject of writing a ‘good’ a ‘great’ or even an ‘amazing’ blog post and then i decided i would share a few of my own ideas instead. A kind of mingle of everything i learned in wandering and a bit extra.

  1. Learn to spell. Learn about good grammar. Learn about how to construct a sentence and a paragraph, etc. Learn about nouns, verbs, adverbs, synonyms, antonyms, and all the rest. Write it out very neatly on Word.doc, print it out –  then rip it up and throw it away.
  2. The one thing you need to know about writing a blog post is that you don’t need to follow any of the rules, sit down and write from the heart.

But what about these ideas:

  • decide what you want to write about, plan it around something you are passionate about.
  • decide on a platform; i would say ‘wordpress’ over ‘blogger’ as i have used both, but it’s up to you and keep your ‘theme’ simple or applicable to your blog.
  • decide how often you are going to write each week; don’t plan to write every day if you don’t have a lot of spare time, but remember that a blog is like a good friend and we all expect a good friend to turn when they said they would, so write regularly even if it is only once a week, your friends depend on it.
  • decide on a title, make it short and catchy.
  • fill in the ‘about me’ and add a photo of you and not of your cat or dog, unless that is what you are writing about.
  • plan a few posts in front and write them if you get chance before the day/date
  • write you blog post out on a word program, as i have found this useful for picking up major spelling and grammar problems.
  • don’t plagiarize or ‘steal’ someone else’s work or photographs, try and label them if you can, i know from my own experience that sometimes this is impossible because the article or photograph as been shared so many times it is impossible to track back to its source.
  •  don’t add too many advertisements and if you really must add them, then make them appropriate to your blog – be choosy. There is nothing more off putting then not being able to read what as been writing because of the amount of adverts that zoom in from all corners of the site.
  • if you add adult content to your site, even if it tastefully presented artwork, if it is adult content then make sure people know before they view you site, i have followed innocent links to sites containing language and photographs that i would rather not read or see.
  • now go ahead and have fun, write lots and remember to write first and foremost for yourself.

One thought on “How to write a blog post

  1. I know I know I know. I need to do this. I’m just trying to find something that I would really really want to write about. Especially if I’m going to attempt a blessay or two… or 52 if I’m hoping for one a week. Lol x

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