You are a Moon Goddess

You are a Moon Goddess

img_3367It seems to me that women seem to be forever going through one season of their life or another. If it is not childhood, then it is what? Womanhood?

There was a time when the womanhood was marked at the beginning of menstruation. When that monumental moment came for me, my mother pointed me towards one of my sisters, who put something in my hand, said things i didn’t really understand, while my mother walked away. I was 10-years-old and a big-bit. I had been told about periods at school only two weeks earlier. I seem to have spent the rest of my life trying to catch up with that first moment; to stop feeling that what was happening to my body was somehow wrong, a hidden secret never to be spoken of not even between women. I grew up feeling like i had a dirty secret or maybe i was dirty, just dirty?

I am now 53 and although not yet in the menopause there is no doubt that within the next few years my body will change again. Thankfully i now know that although the hormones that class me as female do not make me a woman. For i am a woman and no matter what season of life i am going through i always will be.

I hope i was kinder and more willing to share my thoughts and feelings when my daughters began this momentous journey into womanhood and for some, but yet all, Motherhood. For without the changes there would be no Motherhood, another sacred and momentous occasion. But, that said even if a woman does not become a biological mother she still remains a blessed woman and should not feel any less because of the lack of a child. Motherhood is not ‘i gave birth’ but ‘i loved a child’ whether my own or someone else’s. No one can take from us who we are or indeed who we will become for we have been that person before time began and will continue to be so even after this life is over.

The words Menstruation and Menopause come from the word Menses, which mean moon or lunar. The lunar cycle is 28 days, not unlike the monthly cycle women go through. All women are governed by the moon and the 28 day cycle no matter what season of life they are in.

I send blessing unto all women whichever season they are in at this time. Please know you have value and are loved for you are WOMAN!


5 thoughts on “You are a Moon Goddess

  1. As my mother, I can tell you that you did everything right when my first period came. Instead of pushing me on my way you took me out of school for the day and we celebrated. We went for lunch and we went into your college for the day. And yes at the time it was actually a little embarrassing. But if you hadn’t done that then my first period would have been just my first period. Nothing special. Nothing out of the ordinary. You made it special. And as is quite clear, I haven’t forgotten it. Even some 16 years later. Xxxxx

  2. I feel that women have been so unsupported in every way, at least those of my generation. I hope things have changed, are changing. Your daughter’s comment fills me with joy.

    1. I know it was seen as a ‘secret’ but there comes a point when some secrets need sharing. I am glad my daughters see their first time as special xx

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