Stumbling Blocks

Stumbling Blocks


In a recent church General Conference, Elder Quentin L Cook gave an address by the title ‘Valiant in the Testimony of Jesus: We cannot afford for our testimonies of the Father and the Son to become confused and stumbling block.’

Although he spoke for several minutes there was a couple of things that stuck with me, even though i have gone to listen to several others since. I love this talk, it has really spoken to me and made me think about what stumbling blocks i am needlessly creating in my own and, which i could avoid by simple changing direction.

  1. It is important that we do not see others perspectives as our own and by doing so allow them to become our own stumbling blocks.
  2. ‘A stumbling block is anything that distracts us from achieving righteous goals.’
  3. Even when the philosophies of men look good we need to be vigilant and make sure we not allowing them to become stumbling blocks by distracting us from the truths found in the teachings of Christ.
  4. Sin can be one of the greatest stumbling blocks. The world would have us believe that anything goes and there is no consequence to anything we do or don’t do, but as we look around us we can see for ourselves the devastating that a little sin as managed to do in the world. More and more turn away from believing there is a God, turning towards false Gods and false teachings.
  5. Elder Neal A. Maxwell said in 1982: “Much sifting will occur because of lapses in righteous behavior which go unrepented of. A few will give up instead of holding out to the end. A few will be deceived by defectors. Likewise, others will be offended, for sufficient unto each dispensation are the stumbling blocks thereof!”
  6. Lastly he talks about the fact that many will create their own stumbling blocks by ‘looking beyond the mark’ or by ‘elevating one principal of the gospel above another’ or by taking one commandment to the extreme that it wasn’t supposed to be. So many people today take one thing and take it to such extreme it becomes destructive.

“If we are to be valiant in our testimony of Jesus, we must avoid the stumbling blocks that entrap and impede the progress of many otherwise honorable men and women. Let us determine to always be in His service. While seeking knowledge, we need to avoid the philosophies of men that lessen our commitment to the Savior. We must see sin in its true light and accept the Savior’s Atonement through repentance. We need to avoid looking beyond the mark and focus on Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, and follow His doctrine.”


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