What to do when you are Time Rich, but Energy Poor

What to do when you are Time Rich, but Energy Poor

exhausted_revision_v02_01aka (all-s0-known-as) What other people think you should do when you tell them you are Time Rich, but Energy Poor and you are Bored!!!!

I have in the past made comments to a friend of mine and to a daughter or two that i am having a bad day and i am soooo tired, but i am bored. Do they recommend some delight for me to fill my time? Not usually any that are useful and sleeping all day will often result in me not sleeping all night, although i am partial to naps during the day, sleeping all day is not good, unless i have migraine.

These are the things that have been suggested –

  • take a nap (done that)
  • have a shower…yes, but are you going to come and dry and dress me and put me back to bed afterwards?
  • go to the local library…blank stare
  • go to your favourite coffee shop…even bigger blank stare
  • visit the art gallery…bog-eyed blank stare
  • go for a walk…(this one is my favourite) this is what i would like to say back, but never do ‘are you coming to dress me, then when i get back undress me and put me back to bed?’an unfathomable stare…I mean, i don’t mind walking down the garden in my pyjamas, but i am not about to walk down the street in them, even if it appears to be trendy at the moment to do so. No. Just NO!

I am not a normal person…please stop seeing me as a normal person…i am sorry i have a invisible, chronic condition, but it just the way it is, be grateful it’s not catching!

So what to do when you are TIME RICH, But Energy poor…

  1. sleep
  2. eat – today i managed cereal, orange juice, fruit bread, boiled eggs, toast (which i had to make twice as i managed to burn the first lot black because even though i was stood next to it, i forgot about it, I don’t mind dark brown toast, but there is a limit) and a microwaveable chocolate pudding.
  3. stay hydrated
  4. have a bath/shower if you can and invest in a extra large snuggly towel so you can air dry while staying warm and who needs clothes anyway!
  5. laptops or iPad are an amazing invention, but small amount often works best
  6. read – i find a kindle easier than a book as i can stand it up and read it rather than having to hold it in my hands
  7. watch a film or a favourite TV program
  8. do some light crafting, knitting, sewing, etc. even a small amount moves time along
  9. adult colouring books – do i need to say more
  10. more sleep
  11. stop telling yourself that if you can make yourself ‘do’ when you know that you really cannot ‘do’ then…????
  12. meditate or relaxation – forget about sitting double-crossed legged and all that
  13. eat chocolate, buy your absolute favourite and save it for such an occasion.
  14. remember this too will pass

And when it has passed and you tell a daughter or two or a friend that you had a bad day, they often ask me why you didn’t tell me? Well, this is the reason – ‘it is just too tiring to talk.’


One thought on “What to do when you are Time Rich, but Energy Poor

  1. I think that’s the best explanation I’ve read of what it’s like to live with an “invisible” condition, be it a mental illness or a systemic syndrome like Fibro or ME.

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