Book Pile-The Secret Keeper ~Kate Morton

Book Pile-The Secret Keeper ~Kate Morton

secret-keepersThe Secret Keeper ~ Kate Morton.

The thing about Kate Morton is that she always writes a all round, fantastic story, which may give you pause for thought, but never make you think ‘what the heck?’

The Secret Keeper begins in 1960’s at a farm house in the country. Laurel is 16-years-old and is passionately in love with Billy, or at least she believes she is. It is her baby brother, Gerry’s second birthday and she is expected to gather by the river with the rest of her family, but under the pretext of playing hide-and-seek she has hidden herself in the tree house in the hope that no one will miss her and she can sneak away to meet Billy. However things do not go to plan.

As Laurel lays daydreaming she hears her mother returning to the house and is curious as to why and then as she sees her mother leave the house carrying Gerry and the cake knife. When through the garden gate comes a man, a stranger. It is not until years later that Laurel begins to wonder who the man is and what connection there was between him and her mother, Dorothy.

The book is set in 1941 and 2011 and it is what connects these dates and these people that causes Laurel and eventually her brother to seek out the answers to the riddles of their mother’s past life. The answers are not what either of them expect, but it adds to an interesting twist in the tale.

It is about being brave. It is about taking a chance and changing your life, forever. It is about love and loyalty and in the end truth. Who is the Secret Keeper?

I loved it, but i always love a Kate Morton novel.



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