Mindfulness and Choice

Mindfulness and Choice

water-rippleFrom the moment our minds wake up in the morning we begin to make choices; what to wear, what to do or what to eat, or who to see or where to go and when. Some of these choices effect us and no one else, but some of them are like throwing a giant stone into the middle of a very still lake – the ripples continue to move outwards far longer than the first splash of the stone hitting the surface of the water. Even our little choice, those little pebbles that are tossed mindlessly into the pool of water and which seem to cause almost no ripples can and do effect others.


Recently a friend made a big choice to leave church, not leave God, but to attend church somewhere. Their leaving for me was a giant stone thrown harshly into the universal pool of spiritual connected. They believed their leaving would solved things for themselves and others, but it has not and will not. Personally i still feel the shuddering impact and i see it and feel it as it vibrates around the church. I am living with the shudders as i am unable to control them or walk away from them.

We need to Accept that we are all universally connected.

That our Choices are now ours alone.

God did not make us to stand alone, he made us to stand together.



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