Change comes slowly – sometimes!

Change comes slowly – sometimes!

kidsAs I begin to write this it is 9.20pm and i really i should be going to bed, but i felt that i couldn’t or maybe i wouldn’t rest completely without writing, because i am a writer. I am a writer in training and yet i am still a writer and the reason i know i am a writer is that someone, somewhere will read this and nod their head in agreement. For me to be able to continue to write things must change.
I came into the year knowing that it was going to be a year of change, God told me, angels told me and the universe told too and they continue to do so. For the last few months i have felt completely alone, i know i have written about this already and so i will not dwell on it again, but i knew i had to change something. Some of the changes have been really hard and yet i know God has my back.
However, the one thing i have come to realise is that i cannot change my diagnosis or how my chronic conditions affect me from day to day. I also realise that i cannot change other people or make decisions for them, besides i have enough decisions to make of my own. I have also come to realise that I am a child of God, that he has brought me here – to see what i will do and to see what others will do also. For we are not alone even if we live alone. Our energy is forever rippling out into the world and it is up to us to make sure that that energy is full of positivity, which is sometimes hard and at other times is the last thing we want to do or be.
After sitting in my deep, dark hole for several months, bemoaning my lot, I changed one thing and this one thing is making a difference and bringing about other changes too. What is this miracle? It was simply this –  i stopped playing hit and miss with my meditation practice Now, it has become centre stage for me instead of an add-on if i had time. Only 30 days ago i began to get serious about my practice, this was in part to do with a book i was reading ‘The Intuitive Dance’ but in the end the book is just a book and unless i changed, nothing would. Next i took away my crutch ‘guided meditations’ and i sat every day in silence, first for 10-minutes twice a day, i wasn’t very successful, but i persisted. At some point, it became easier, more restful and less forced.
Then i began to add a mantra to my meditation asking for guidance for my life from God, Angels and the Universe because i didn’t know anymore who was out there and therefore who would answer, but i believed someone would. Today i sat with ease for 20 minutes and when the voice from the app came into my mind that it was time to finish, i was sat with so much ease that i did not want to stop. Believe me when i say, that if you do not know who to ask for help, then just ask and i can assure you it will be given you.
Another book came my way, in fact until i had ordered it, it kept coming my way from every web page and site and angle and corner and i am grateful for it’s appearance – did the universe bring it to me, yes, i believe it did. It is called ‘The Universe has your back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein, more about it later.
There is another change coming (or two), but one can’t happen without me making room for it in my life. 1) There is a new blog coming – more about that later, but after writing this blog for about 8-years it is time for change and i think it is a good one. 2) I need to write less on my blog so i can write more on my book or as my clairvoyant friend told me ‘books’ – from what i have read, writing the first one is the hardest.
What is the new blog called? “Letters to my Children” – it will be let loose on the Internet on the 1 December and i will let you know what the URL is when it happens, i think those who follow my blog will automatically receive it in their emails.


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