What a horrible week…

What a horrible week…

exhausted_revision_v02_01This is the shortened history of my week –

Sunday – church stake conference, which was really good. A friend brought me and a few other friends back by car and it was an all round good day.

Sunday evening – migraine

Monday – fibrograine (aka migraine + fibromyalgia = hell)

Tuesday – residual fibrograine, but i needed to get up and go to the food shop, i travelled both ways by taxi and when i got home i had a shower, ate some food and had a nap. On waking from my nap i realised that whatever i had eaten had caused a auto-immune response or in other words an allergic reaction, which felt not unlike a fibrograine + IBS = hell++

Wednesday – still very unwell. Stayed curled up in bed and ate very little and when i did i felt sick. Slept on and off through the day and then through the night too.

Thursday – the symptoms had begun to subside, but the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue were heightened +++ However, i made myself get up and attend my regular book group as it is only once a month and although it was hard work to get ready it was good to attend and feel slightly human.

Friday – i woke up feeling absolutely fine. I went out, did a little Christmas shopping and bought some food. Then, in the evening as i was straightening my bedding and messing with the cat, George, hell returned.

As i walked around the end of the bed I let my eyes drift to where the cat was on my bed, rather than looking at where i was going, this caused me to loose my balance and the next thing i know is that i am laying on my side on the floor. I had banged the back of my head on the closing door, which slammed shut as i hit it, my right shoulder, my right hip and ankle hurt and my hands felt like they had been stamped on. I didn’t know whether to cry or not to cry, but i was in pain. I laid still for several minutes before i was brave enough to try and move anything. As i moved one limb after another i was thankful to realise that nothing seemed to be broken. However, getting up from the floor was another obstacle all together and took some time to maneuver, but eventually i was laid on my bed, in pain. As i was being pulled into sleep, not a good idea, i managed to text my daughter to let her know i had fallen, there wasn’t anything she could have done and i soon fell asleep.

Saturday – i felt like i had been squashed by a giant bear, very tightly. Everything hurt, but especially the back of my head and my hip, but the FM pain thought it would join in the fun and run up and down my body playing tag. I ate a small amount of breakfast, but halfway through i was sick, which along with the headache and dizziness whilst standing led me to believe i probably had concussion. I did speak to a couple of my daughters over the phone, but mainly i slept or curled up in bed and held on until everything settled.

Sunday – i went to church because a friend came to collect me, and it was good to be among people, but on my return home i went back to bed and more sleep.

Today – i am feeling exhaustively tired – all i can do is wait for the good day to come around once again.


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