Baby Food???

Baby Food???

innocentMy stomach has been so bad lately that i have actually prayed for relief, and the answer i have received is eat baby food! What God is actually saying to me is this – feed yourself as you would a baby, with clean and simple foods, which will allow your stomach to rest and heal.

When you have to take daily medication your stomach pays for it, even when the Doctor gives you medication that is supposed and does to some extent protect your stomach, there always seems to be a gap. This gap, results in an inflamed stomach, stomach acid and stomach reflux and a continual feeling of nausea. This in turn seems to allow even the foods i normally eat to leave their mark.

But, when you cannot stand and cook eating what is good for your stomach is not always easy. I have already come to the conclusion that it is not the normal suspects that are causing the problem; wheat or dairy, but more often the combination of sugar and fat and/or red meat and often all those unpronounceable extra added ingredients, which are not needed.

Changes are hard to deal with and come slowly, but one at a time and i am praying that i won’t actually have to eat baby food!

So far, i have solved breakfast: porridge oats, whole milk, honey, fruit smoothie (Innocent) and fruit malt loaf.

Life could be worse – i once knew a guy who was allergic to water!


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