Mindfulness, Meditation & Jesus

Mindfulness, Meditation & Jesus

mormon-prayer6People who do not know me well, find it odd when I say that I am a Christian and I believe in a mindful life and I meditate every day. Even if they do not say anything there is often a quizzical look that passes across their brow, the braver ones, wonder how it all works in one life, but for that is easy. It works like this…

Several years ago, I met a man, who became my friend for part of my life’s journey. As we walked the same path for a while I came to know that he had walked away from his Christian congregation, finding no relief from what was ailing him and his life at the time and he turned to meditation and eventually to Buddhism. I began to feel around the edges of Buddhism and meditation. It changed my life and my thinking, but in the end, it brought me full circle back to Jesus and his teachings and therefore it deepened my understanding of Christianity.

I have found that meditation is a way for me to connect with God, Angels and the Universe aligning my inner Spirit with all that is around me.

I know, understand and accept that we are all connected through energy, that I know as, spirit.

As I have come to understand Jesus’ part in my life, I have come to know him as a man who embodied mindfulness in all that he did in life. We could learn a lot from the kind of man that he was in his daily life. We should stop trying to become Him, but instead, become ‘like him.’

Over the many years I have been a converted Christian, for I believe that many say that they are followers of Christ and yet His teachings have not touched their hearts and changed their very beings. It is only when we ponder or meditate upon His words that they can sink deep within us, bringing about change.

I have learnt from the scriptures that Jesus meditated or pondered as well as prayed and we can do so too. His very presence changed the lives of others and so should our presence change the lives of those who pass.

I do not know who will walk my life path with me or for that matter how long they will do so, but I have come to know that every person I pass, even in the street, on the bus, in the supermarket is part of my journey. Each should be lovingly accepted and then we need to lovingly let them go if they so wish to do so. As Jesus, will force no person to accept him as their Saviour, we should be careful that we are not forcing others to be what we want them to be.

Every day I read the words of God, I meditate and I pray. Every week I study meditation, mindfulness and Jesus, bringing them together within me, to change me, to make me more whole – complete.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17)


4 thoughts on “Mindfulness, Meditation & Jesus

  1. I love your beautiful testimony of how you’ve incorporated mindfulness into your Christianity. It’s exactly how I feel too. My readings of Buddhism don’t take me away from Jesus but lead me more to him.

  2. I, too, had a conflict with meditation due to “church teachings” or judgment of it. If you haven’t read anything by Sonia Choquette I think you will like her books. She is Catholic and does psychic and angel readings. Her writings put me at ease with combining beliefs.

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